All Sportube cases are blow molded from High-Density Polyethylene, which while being strong and durable is very lightweight. Each case is designed to protect valuable sports equipment from the abuses of airline check-in or shipping.
Features found on all Sportube® Ski & Snowboard Cases include:
Hard Plastic Shell
Offers superior protection over a soft bag. The hard shell creates a shield around the equipment, thus protecting its contents better than a soft bag.
Each Sportube is fitted with wheels that make it very maneuverable.Wheels are molded rubber and fitted with steel bearings allowing for durability and easy rolling.
Handle is located in a comfortable, ergonomic position to improve maneuverability. Optional shoulder strap can be re-positioned on the case to allow for hands-free carrying or towing through the airport. Shoulder strap can be detached for shipping.
Sportube cases can be used to carry and protect many other products, not just skis and snowboards. Cases have been sold for fishing rods, firearms, spear guns, kayak paddles, architectural plans, heart catheters, mining probes and swords to name a few items.
All Sportube cases have a 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.