SporTube - Series 2 Double Ski Hard Case


$ 199.95

The Series 2 Sportube is the perfect case for traveling with your front side and back side skis. Or if you are traveling with someone, you can both bring your favorite pair of skis and poles and only have to transport one Sportube to your destination, making traveling even easier.
When you buy from Luggage Forward, the preferred ski shipping partner of SporTube, you automatically receive the following benefits along with guaranteed best pricing on your SporTube product:
  • Free shipping to all US addresses
  • Receive a $25 gift card to Luggage Forward, so you can ship instead of check.
  • Hard sided construction provides superior protection for skis and bindings
  • Included Easy Pull handle and dual wheel design allow for easy transport
  • Telescoping construction gives flexibility for different size and type of gear
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Designed to hold two pairs of skis and poles
  • 11"w X 6"d (280mm x 152mm)
  • Adjustable in length from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm)
  • Weighs12lbs (5.45kg)

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